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communication transformation --- speak English from the heart


find your English voice

At English Wise you learn English in a way that helps you succeed. Don´t just learn the language, learn to use it effectively.


Here are some things our clients accomplished after taking classes at English Wise: 

  • Closed major sales contracts 
  • Got the job they wanted 
  • Charmed their clients at social events 
  • Influenced top management with presentations 

Our CARE Training Method

C-Communicate: Learn how to get the job, close the deal, impress your clients, and have good relations with colleagues, not just how to conjugate verbs.  
A-Apply: Be personally involved in what you learn, and apply it in your everyday life. 
R-Relax: You will learn much more efficiently when you learn to relax in the learning process. You will receive support and training to learn more efficiently. 
E-Empower: Learn to find your own communication power, learn simple techniques that can help you feel confident communicating in english.

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