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communication transformation: changing everything one conversation at a time

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transform your english

At English Wise you learn English in a way that helps you succeed. Don´t just learn the language, learn to use it effectively.

Here are some things our clients accomplished after taking classes at English Wise:

  • Closed major sales contracts (after taking the course on influence skills)

  • Got the job they wanted (after taking the course on interview skills)

  • Charmed their clients at social events (after taking the course on connecting through conversation)

  • Influenced top management with presentations (after taking the course on presenting effectively)

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We focus on results—you will learn the language and communication skills that you most need.

language + communication = success

Communication is the number one skill sought by employers (according to several studies). Your ability to communicate in English, the international language, can have a big effect on your career success.

Our CARE Training Method

  • Communicate: Learn how to get the job, close the deal, impress your clients, and have good relations with colleagues, not just how to conjugate verbs. 
  • Apply: Be personally involved in what you learn, and apply it in your everyday life. 
  • Relax: You will learn much more efficiently when you learn to relax in the learning process. You will receive support and training to learn more efficiently.
  • Empower: Learn to find your own communication power, learn simple techniques that can help you feel confident communicating in english.

Four Modules in our program

Connecting through Conversation, Learn to impress your clients at social gatherings.

Influencing with Integrity, Learn to close sales more easily, or convince your boss to give you a raise.

Interviewing Intelligently, Show employers why they need to hire you.

Making Impressive Presentations, Learn to communicate your ideas in a way that brings results. 

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